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Coffee Quiz

Coffee Quiz

Oh yes! Want to try your hand at our coffee quiz? Perfect to add to your own quiz or to have fun at home.
1) What's the biggest coffee producing country in the World?
2) What's the most expensive coffee in the World?
Kopi Luwak.
3) What's the only American state that produces coffee?
4) Who discovered coffee?
The legend goes a goat herder.
5) Where was coffee first discovered?
6) When was coffee first discovered?
11th Century.
7) What's the biggest coffee drinking country per capita?
Finland. On average 12kg per person per year.
8) What's the most popular coffee drink in U.K.?
9) Where was Costa Coffee founded?
London, 1971.
10) What does the word Espresso mean in Italian?
"Pressed Out".
We hope you have enjoyed our quick coffee quiz. Feel free to link or add it into your own :)
Contributions by the Runner Bean Coffee team.
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