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Best Coffee Beans

The Best Coffee Beans

It's a big statement!

Is there a thing, such as the best coffee beans? 

Of course! All the coffees roasted here at the Runner Bean Coffee Co... joking aside we really do think we have the best coffee beans, but we may be slightly bias.

There's so much more to coffee than just brown beans and to be honest it's impossible to single out one specific bean or blend and call it the best. 

Whether the beans have been naturally processed or washed. Dark or light roasted. Fresh or old. Commercial or speciality. Not to mention the preparation method -  Espresso, Latte, Filter or Aeropress, black or white. The list goes on. 

Some coffee beans come in an astonishing prices - such as Jamaica Blue Mountain or Panamanian Geisha, sometimes 10x or 20x more than other speciality grade coffees. Are they really worth the price?

We do believe there is a balance. Companies selling roasted beans for £7/£8 per kg are using commercial grade beans. What does this mean? It means they are often damaged, poor quality, or contain many defects, bought from farmers at a very reduced rate. These are often purchased on huge scale, with very little knowledge on what farm or farms they come from. If low cost is what you want, this is for you. 

Finally it's also worth considering what tastes you like. If you love chocolatey or nutty flavours... or whether you prefer more acidic or fruity coffees. 

Our "BEST" is a coffee that comes from fully traceable origins, small batch/freshly roasted, fairly priced and of course delicious flavours!

Check our range out here - Artisan Coffee

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