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what does strong coffee do to you

What does strong coffee do to you?

We love strong coffee here at Runnerbean. In fact, we love it so much that we have even created our own super-strong coffee, called gymBrew. But what is the science behind what happens to your body when you drink strong coffee? Keep reading to find out...

Firstly, what makes coffee strong is it the roast or the beans?

The dark roast of the beans is what makes taste coffee strong. The burners heat up the beans and it causes them to release an oily substance called caffeol, which has a very potent aroma (that's why they make chocolate-covered espresso beans!). This provides more taste than light roasts do because there are fewer oils present in lighter roasts. As for whether this affects how long your caffeine high lasts or not? Research shows that while heavy roasted coffees may have less caffeine per cup, due to the lower levels of chlorogenic acid, they're also able to stimulate adenosine receptors better with their higher concentrations of nitrogenous compounds like quinic acid - meaning you stay energised longer.

What makes a coffee strong is it the beans or the amount of caffeine per cup?

Like a lot of things when it comes to personal preference the answer is "it depends". Some people might consider a strong cup of coffee to be one that has a rich flavour, others one that is high in caffeine, or even both. However, for the purposes of this article, we'll consider a coffee to be strong if it is high in caffeine (like gymBrew).

What does a high caffeine coffee do to your body?

Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system to release hormones like adrenaline and noradrenaline. These stimulate your heart rate, raise blood sugar levels and improve concentration.

But at what point does coffee stop being beneficial?

In moderation caffeine is safe but it's not always easy to know just how much that "right amount" is. For most people, this seems to be around 300mg per day or three cups of coffee (600 milligrams) which will allow you to experience benefits without side effects kicking in such as jitters, nausea, increased anxiety etc. There are tons of other positive benefits of consuming strong coffee these include improving your alertness, stamina and mood. Some studies have also pointed to increased longevity and the prevention of chronic diseases.

At the end of the day it's hard to say whether strong coffee is right for you because that answer depends on a few different factors such as your height, weight and mental health. But we think the best way to know how your body reacts to strong coffee is just drink some every so often until you find out! 

You may love having a cup in the morning (or before a workout) but should take care not to overdo it. Strong coffee can be great for your mental clarity and focus if you're a high achiever and increase the efficacy of your workout if you want to train harder, faster and longer

If you have any questions about gymBrew or any other of our fantastic range of freshly roasted coffees, please do get in touch.

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