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What is the strongest coffee you can buy?

What is the strongest coffee you can buy?

It's an old question and one that has been debated for years.  What is the strongest coffee you can buy?  There are many strong coffees out there from brands like Starbucks to gymBrew but which one will give you the most energy? Which one will make your muscles recover faster after a workout? Let's explore this topic in today's blog post and see what we find.

gymBrew coffee is a super-strong coffee made using our own special blend of beans. gymBrew has been lab-tested and the net result is 180mg of caffeine per 100ml water/25g coffee or approx 40% stronger than a regular brew but not overpowering. gymBrew is a dark roast made from, primarily, the Arabica bean which has been sustainably sourced from Brazil. We're confident that gymBrew is not only strong but also tastes great too. 

What are the benefits of drinking strong coffee? Stronger coffee can help you train harder and faster by increasing your metabolism. A study done by the University of Georgia in 2016 found that caffeine boosts metabolism and can also help you lose weight. Stronger coffee might make you more alert, which has its advantages for anyone who works night shifts or is particularly sensitive to changes in their sleep schedule.

As gyms are becoming increasingly popular throughout the world (and things are starting to re-open after the pandemic), so too are fitness classes. There's really no better way for someone looking to shed some pounds to get moving than with high-intensity interval training (HIIT) boot camps, group spinning sessions or boxing sessions at their local gym. A hit of gymBrew before your workout really can help you push through those final sets. 

What are some of the myths about strong coffee? 

Some people might think that strong coffee is bad for you, but this isn't true. Strong coffee can be beneficial to your metabolism and help with weight loss because it stimulates the central nervous system which raises blood pressure, heart rate and breathing speed. 

Another myth about strong coffee is that it makes you feel jittery or anxious after drinking it. The amount of caffeine in a cup of strong coffee varies depending on how darkly roasted the beans are; if they're roasted longer than less caffeine will make its way into every ounce of brewed liquid. For most people though, one dose won't have any adverse effects at all. 

There is a number of people who claim to sell super-strong coffee but we're confident that gymBrew is one of the strongest. Not only that it tastes amazing too - so a strong coffee that not only keeps you alert but also is a pleasure to drink, whether you want to train hard or just want a strong coffee that just tastes great - gymBrew is the perfect answer to both. 

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