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What makes a good strong coffee?

What makes a good strong coffee?

For many people a regular cup of coffee just doesn’t cut it. They are looking for extra strength, packing more of a punch for that instant caffeine hit. Be it for an early morning boost, afternoon pick me up or pre workout brew, a good strong coffee doesn’t have to have an overpowering taste for you to reap the benefits.

Our gymBrew coffee offers maximum caffeine with a great Runner Bean approved taste, so you can enjoy your coffee and an extra dose of caffeine with no compromise. As a team we worked hard to find a great tasting coffee, from fair, sustainable growers, which has a high caffeine content for your pre run drink. So, after extensive research, we are extremely proud of our gymBrew, smashing our own coffee personal best, which can help you beat your own P.B in the gym.

The flavour notes of our gymBrew beans include chocolate, cocoa and nut, making it rich, deep and indulgent, the perfect coffee treat. Hand-roasted to order, gymBrew is one of the UK's strongest 100% Arabica coffees available. Directly sourced by us, these supreme beans are roasted in small batches to ensure quality and freshness in every batch. These beans are then combined with naturally high caffeine, resulting in a great tasting coffee that packs a powerful punch, plus - it’s proven they are approximately 40% stronger than the average Arabica coffee!

So let’s explain more about the beans. When it comes to coffee, Arabica beans are popular and well known, even if you aren’t a caffeine drinker. However, if you explore the family tree of Arabica coffee, you find different varietals such as Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, Catuai etc. Think of these like grapes and wine, there are so many flavours and combinations that can affect the taste and quality of each drink - that’s not even taking into account the roasting methods.    

As we’ve said before, coffee is a scientific process in order to get the best of the beans. Here at Runner Bean we have lab tested coffees that have originated from all over the world in our search for the premium, super strong brew, and we can happily say our gymBrew provides equally fantastic taste when drunk black or mixed with milk or milk alternative. Top tip - if you're drinking this before a workout, we recommend keeping it black for full caffeine absorption.

We’ve had many people question if they can simply double their amount of coffee to reap the extra caffeine, however a double dose affects the flavour, resulting in a sour, bitter brew. Not a pleasant experience! 

If you are looking for that extra kick, but at a great taste, we can confidently state that our gymBrew coffee is the one for you. Just check out our reviews. GymBrew is the strongest coffee we make and have carefully crafted, however there are stronger options available made from 100% Robusta beans, but we find these lack taste and quality.

Still unsure? If you have any extra questions on our strong coffee, and the strength of our gymBrew please do get in touch, we’re more than happy to help. Now, put the kettle on! 

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