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Black Gold

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Shipping & Packaging


For U.K. mainland we offer a Free Delivery service for all orders.

For international orders please email for a quote.


We work on all orders in the order that we receive them. Normally we dispatch parcels either the same or next working day. However during very busy periods it may take an extra day or two for your parcel to be dispatched.

Please contact for any returns. Returns can be made for any unsatisfactory products and full refund given. Please contact us within 5 business days of receiving your purchase to allows us to look into your query. We accept returns up to 30 days from delivery date. 

If your order becomes damaged in transit, we ask for you to provide photo evidence so we can process the refund through Royal Mail.


Currently all the coffee packaging we use is 100% recyclable - label 5 and produced in the EU.

Label 5 or polypropylene (similar to yoghurt pots) is easily recyclable and widely accepted at recycling points and kerbside collections. 

This packaging type keeps your coffee ultra fresh and features a resealable tag and valve.


FAQ's & Storage

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is our coffee Organic?

All our staple coffees are 100% naturally grown, free of synthetic pesticides and herbicides. This includes Signature Gold, Rich Italian & Black Gold. 

What strength is the coffee?

We advise this coffee to be a strength of 3.5 out of 5. Punchy but not over powering. 

Are the beans oily? 

No, these beans are not oily, if you have particularly sensitive machine/equipment, these beans should be perfect. 

Where to store the coffee?

We recommend storing the coffee in a cool, dark, dry cupboard, before you open them. Once opened, reseal the bag and they can be safely stored in the packaging, and we recommend to consume them within 4 weeks of opening.

How many coffees do the bags serve?

250g - serves 13-15 coffees. 500g - serves 26-30 coffees. 1kg - serves 55-65 coffees. We recommend one kilo bag to serve 2 coffees a day, to last a month.

What's the best before date?

All our coffees are roasted to order, meaning they couldn't be fresher. We advise a best before date of 6 months from the order date. 

    Espresso Brew Guide

    Brewing espresso is a lot like brewing tea; if we leave our bag in too long we risk over-brewing the tea and extracting “stewed” bitter flavours from the leaves but if we do not leave it long enough our tea risks being weak and insipid. This means we must exert control over our brewing process to ensure that we extract all of the desirable flavour compounds whilst leaving behind the compounds responsible for unwelcome bitterness and astringency. This is easy with a teabag – we can take it out whenever we choose – but achieving the same control with espresso is slightly more complex.

    Coffee does not extract homogenously during its brewing cycle. Most extraction occurs during the first third of its brew time. Typically fruit acids and bean fragments that contribute towards body extract first, followed by sugars, and then bitter compounds.


    Understanding your grinder is the key to achieving desirable DOSE and BREW TIME. Whether you are using a modern “on-demand” grinder or a more traditional “dosing grinder” you should be able to control both DOSE and GRIND TEXTURE, both of which are critical to brewing balanced espresso. Here’s how...

    Using scales, weigh a consistent dose of ground coffee into your double espresso basket -16g - 18g is a sensible choice for most espresso machines.

    Aim for 36-40g of liquid espresso or roughly a ratio of 1:2 (18g of ground espresso to 36g of liquid espresso). 

    Is it within your target brew time window? We recommend 20 - 30 Seconds.

    Yes = SUCCESS!

    Your espresso is probably well brewed and should taste full, sweet and balanced.

    No = If you haven't extracted 30-40ml of liquid espresso, in 20-30 seconds, your grind is too FINE and your espresso will most likely taste thin, bitter & ashy.

    Coarsen your grind slightly then grind and discard at least 20g of coffee to remove traces of the previous grind setting

    No = If you have extracted too much liquid espresso (over 30ml for single espresso, over 60ml for double). Your grind is too COARSE and your espresso will most likely be weak and sour.

    Make your grind slightly FINER then grind and discard at least 20g of coffee to remove all traces of the previous grind setting

    Notes of Chocolate Brownie & Vanilla. Medium to Dark roasted. Sourced from an amazing farm in Brazil.
    Introducing our all-new Black Gold Coffee - the perfect companion for black coffee drinkers or everyone who treasures a pure and richly flavoured brew.
    • 100% Arabica, speciality grade, taste the difference coffee beans.
    • Safely packaged in recyclable & resealable bags to keep your coffee fresh. 
    • Easy to brew, roasted to produce consistent tasting coffee. 
    • Always freshly roasted

      What YOU need to know:

      • Delicious notes of Chocolate Brownie, Molasses & Berries.
      • Strength 3.5/5
      • Rich, bold, well-rounded medium to dark roast.
      • Strong but not overpowering, bitter free.
      • Body - Medium.

      What’s all the fuss about & coffee farm:

      Fazenda Dutra is a family-run coffee farm located in the Matas de Minas region of Brazil, focusing on sustainable and high-quality coffee since 1950. Founded by José Dutra Sobrinho, the farm is currently run by second generation brothers Ednilson Alves Dutra and Walter Cesar Dutra, alongside Osvaldina Dutra, their mother, who plays a key role in overseeing the quality control which led to them winning an award in the Cup of Excellence 2020.

      The farms cover nearly 1,000 hectares, 650 dedicated to coffee cultivation and the remainder almost entirely to cover crops and nature reserves. These lands are used in conjunction to farm biodynamically, a process which includes composting organic waste to produce nutrient-rich fertiliser for the coffee trees, and planting legumes and other cover crops between coffee rows to improve soil fertility, suppress weeds and attract beneficial insects. This is exactly the sort of farm we want to work with in order to promote a sustainable coffee chain.

      Region - Matas de Minas, Brazil
      Growing Altitude - 1300 metres above sea level 
      Variety - Red Catuai 100% Arabica
      Milling Process - Natural
      Aroma - Sweet.
      Flavour - Chocolate Brownie, Molasses, Nougat.
      SCA Score - 84.5 - independently rated excellent.

        Roasting Perfection

        Unique 1%: We roast using high airflow to reduce impurities for a cleaner taste. 99% of beans aren't roasted this way.

        Great Taste Producer

        Qualified "Great Taste Producer", guaranteed quality. Winning 8 awards in 3 years.

        Easy Brewing

        Roasted for easy brewing. You won’t need a beard, Bunsen burner or refractometer to brew the best coffee you’ve ever had.

        Next-Day Delivery

        We aim to hand roast and ship all orders same day, with free next day delivery - cut off 11am

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 15 reviews
        Heather J. (Newbury, GB)
        Double shot amazing

        As a double shot it's really nice. Little on the gentler side, slightly bitter and not as full bodied as other coffees. Very suited to a filter coffee.


        Good and freshly roasted.

        Grace (Oxford, GB)
        Black Gold is officially the MVP of coffee

        Bad news - you’ll hate coffee anywhere else. Good news, you’ll have the best coffee at home, this is the new favourite in our house!

        M D. (Basingstoke, GB)
        Great as always

        Great taste & great service. I would always recommend

        Carolyn W. (Oxford, GB)

        The Black Gold is very tasty and smells amazing, just ordered more fore home and work. We normally buy the Rich Italian, we have now changed to this one. Always great service from West Berkshire Roastery.

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