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Coffee Processing

Coffee Processing Methods: Let's Spill the Beans!

Hey there, grab a cuppa joe and pull up a seat. We reckon it's high time we explain a bit about the journey our precious beans take before they land in your favourite mug.

See, coffee isn't just a rooster's wake-up call or the fuel for your daily grind. It's the result of hard work, passion, and a touch of magic - especially when it comes to processing those stubborn beans.

1. Natural/Dry Processing
First up, we got "Natural/Dry Processing", which is the hoedown of coffee processing, if you will. It’s an old-school method that's as traditional as apple pie.

Here's the scoop: The coffee cherries are spread out to dry in the sun for about three weeks (any longer and they'd get a better tan than most of us). Once they've soaked up enough rays, the dried fruit is removed to reveal the bean. This process gives a sweet, full-bodied flavour, which is just peachy if you're into that sort of thing.

2. Washed/Wet Processing
Then there's "Washed/Wet Processing". Now, this isn't about giving the beans a quick scrub before bed. It involves removing the fruit covering before the beans are dried, resulting in a clean, bright flavour - like your Sunday best, but for your taste buds.

Usually, this method requires specific equipment and substantial water, making it a bit of a high roller in the coffee world. But the result? A pure, quality focus that's straight from the heart - like our dedication to delivering top-notch beans.

3. Honey/Pulped Natural Processing
Last but definitely not least, there's "Honey/Pulped Natural Processing". This is as sweet as it sounds, so try not to get sticky fingers.

Here, part of the fruit covering is removed, but a sticky, sugary layer (that's the 'honey', honey) is left on the beans while they dry. This method is all about balance: a little dry, a little wet - like leaning back in a wooden rocking chair on a rainy day. It gives a nice boutique flavour, well-rounded but with a delightful twist. Yeehaw!

Well, that's our coffee processing methods in a nutshell. Who knew there was so much to these lil' beans?

We're all about keepin' things simple. But remember, no matter the method, it’s all about the quality of the bean and the love behind the brew.

So, go on! Enjoy that cup of quality coffee and give a tip of your hat to the journey behind it.
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