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We work on all orders in the order that we receive them. Normally we dispatch parcels either the same or next working day. However during very busy periods it may take an extra day or two for your parcel to be dispatched.

Please contact for any returns. Returns can be made for any unsatisfactory products and full refund given. Please contact us within 5 business days of receiving your purchase to allows us to look into your query. Return cost to be paid for by customer. 

If your order becomes damaged in transit, we ask for you to provide photo evidence so we can process the refund through Royal Mail. 


FAQ's & Storage

Frequently Asked Questions:

What strength is the coffee?

We advise this coffee to be a strength of 3.5 out of 5. Punchy but not over powering. 

Are the beans oily? 

No, these beans are not oily, if you have particularly sensitive machine/equipment, these beans should be perfect. 

Where to store the coffee?

We recommend storing the coffee in a cool, dark, dry cupboard, before you open them. Once opened, reseal the bag and they can be safely stored in the packaging, and we recommend to consume them within 4 weeks of opening.

How many coffees do the bags serve?

250g - serves 13-15 coffees. 500g - serves 26-30 coffees. 1kg - serves 55-65 coffees. We recommend one kilo bag to serve 2 coffees a day, to last a month.

What's the best before date?

All our coffees are roasted to order, meaning they couldn't be fresher. We advise a best before date of 6 months from the order date. 

Why plant trees?

  1. Restoring animals’ habitats, which, in turn helps increase biodiversity by giving endemic species the chance to thrive
  2. Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by putting it back into the plants and soil, and therefore helping to reduce global warming
  3. Cleaning the air by removing pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ozone by trapping these gases in their leaves and bark 
  4. Restoring local ecosystems that have been destroyed by deforestation or other external factors
  5. Reducing the impact of flooding and soil erosion, which helps to protect nearby communities and their livelihoods 
  6. Providing an income for tree planters in lower income countries.

Ground Rules: Brew Guide

Double Great Taste Award Winner & 2023 Great British Foods Award Winner.
Discover Signature Gold and experience the unique magic of freshly roasted coffee. With notes of Chocolate and Caramelised Biscuit for an indulgent coffee experience. Enjoyed by thousands since 2010, this is our multi award-winning blend, if you love coffee, you have to try it. 
The absolute perfect way to kick start your morning routine, with or without milk. Easy to brew, great for espresso and bean-to-cup machines or equally as a filter brew. 

"I'm full on addicted to this gorgeous blend that ticks every box for me. Epic flavour, silky texture and an absolute favourite with all my friends and family when drinking it" - thank you Rob! 

  • Medium to Dark Hand-Roasted to order in our Great Taste Award Winning roastery for maximum freshness.
  • 100% Arabica, speciality grade, taste the difference coffee beans.
  • Safely packaged in compostable & resealable bags to keep your coffee fresh. 
  • Exclusive, limited supply fully traceable coffee enjoyed by our customers for over 10 years, coffee you can't get in the shops.
  • Over 250+ 5 star reviews.
  • Easy to brew, roasted to produce consistent tasting coffee. 
  • Free Next-Day delivery 

    What YOU need to know:

    • Delicious creamy chocolate and caramel biscuit notes, characterised by a natural sweetness. Low soft apple acidity with custard body. 
    • Fully traceable, Fair-trade, Organic & Pesticide Free, from Colombia.
    • Rich, smooth, well-rounded medium to dark roast.
    • Strong but not overpowering, bitter free.
    • Acidity - Soft Apple.
    • Body - Full.
    • Stays fresh for up to 6 months unopened. Once opened up to 6 weeks. 

    "Delicious, a new favourite. Really lovely smooth brew. Nice and strong but not bitter. A new favourite for sure." - thank you Hannah!

    - Our promise? If you don’t enjoy this coffee, we’ll replace or refund you, quibble free. 

    What’s all the fuss about & main coffee farm:

    Nestled in the serene municipality of Tolima, Colombia, you'll find a piece of paradise called La Esperanza - "The Hope". This is the realm of Jhon Mendez. a dedicated coffee grower who has spent his entire life nurturing the art passed down through his family. 

    At the age of 42, Jhon's daily life is intricately woven into the fabric of his 7-hectare farm, six hectares of which are dedicated to his pride and joy - coffee. Perched at an elevation ranging from 1,960 to 2,000 meters, La Esperanza farm creates an ideal environment for growing premium coffee varieties.

    His coffee garden is a vibrant mix of Pink Bourbon, Caturra, Catimore, and Castillo varieties. It's a lush tableau of 21,000 coffee trees, each carefully nurtured by Jhon and his team. The Pink Bourbon trees, about 2,000 of them, are of particular note, with their 38-month-old trees radiating health and vitality.

    Jhon's approach to processing coffee is a meticulous labour of love. His team is encouraged to pick only the ripest beans, an effort they're compensated for with premium wages. This rigorous selection process results in cherry-picking every 8 days.

    The picked cherries then undergo a double fermentation process. The first phase is a 24-hour fermentation in cherry, followed by depulping and a second 24-hour fermentation. This second phase takes place in a tiled tank, ensuring the optimal conditions for fermenting the coffee.

    After fermentation, the coffee is thoroughly washed twice before being moved to the drying station. Here, the coffee is dried under a parabolic system, ensuring a slow and steady drying process that maintains the quality and flavour of the beans.

    The lands of La Esperanza are not just home to coffee. Jhon diversifies his farm with other crops, including beans, plantain, and yuca. This diversification helps maintain the health of his soil while providing additional sources of income.

    Jhon isn't just a coffee grower; he is a man who has devoted his life to the traditions and knowledge of coffee cultivation. His story is a testament to the dedication, perseverance, and passion that goes into every cup of coffee we enjoy each day. His life, like his farm, truly embodies "La Esperanza" - the hope. 

    Region - Tolima, Colombia
    Growing Altitude - 1960 metres above sea level - grown slowly producing deeper flavours. 
    Variety - Pink Bourbon - Known for some of the best in cup quality characteristics. 
    Milling Process - Double Washed - in pure spring water.
    Aroma - Floral & Sweet.
    Flavour - Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Soft Apple Acidity. 
    SCA Score - 86.5 - independently rated excellent.


    • Gold Star Great Taste Awards 2020
    • Double Gold Star Great Taste Awards 2021
    • Gold Star Great Taste Awards 2022
    • Muddy Stilletto's Best Food & Drink Finalist 2023
    • Great British Food Awards GOLD 2023

    Benefits of Organic Coffee:

    • High in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, coffee boosts the immune system and guards against disease.
    • Free of pesticides and artificial fertilisers, organic coffee reduces the risk of harmful chemical ingestion. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 283 reviews
      Martin (High Wycombe, GB)
      Delicious, quality coffee!

      Great tasting and freshly roasted coffee at a good price - highly recommend

      Doug Cable (Aylesford, GB)
      Great anytime coffee

      This coffee is a great anytime coffee, very smooth. Speedy delivery too.


      My fave coffee with excellent service. Super quick free delivery with roasted to order beans. Gorgeous

      Lucian Balan (Reading, GB)
      Well balanced coffee

      I found the signature gold coffee taste to be good balance between fruity and bitterness. Plenty of crema, just a bit less than Italian rich.

      Dany (Preston, GB)
      Great coffee

      Started with the taster pack and found this one to be the best and have ordered it separately. Really enjoying it


      Roasting Perfection

      We roast to emphasise body and sweetness, with reduced, soft apple like acidity. Like a Swedish head massage on your taste buds.


      Qualified "Great Taste Producer", guaranteed quality. Winning 8 awards in 3 years. See for yourself?

      Easy Brewing

      Roasted for easy brewing. You won’t need a beard, Bunsen burner or refractometer to brew the best coffee you’ve ever had.

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