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Packaging, packaging, packaging...

Not a particularly exciting part of our offering but equally important one. 

We won't bore you for long on this, pour a brew and have a quick read. 

We want: Coffee bags that are fully recyclable via your regular kerbside collections in 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes, with a one-way valve and zip close (in appealing shapes). Whilst not impacting on the flavour & freshness of our coffee. 

We have researched high and low, spoken to a number of coffee and manufacturing companies and come to the conclusion the manufacturing industry simply isn't there yet (although making fast progress) for what we want/require from our packaging. 

Recyclable bags. Our 250g versions are currently fully recyclable, label 4, which means they need to be recyclable via your local supermarket bag collection or similar. Although this is better than not recycling at all, this isn't so simple to employ into our very hectic day to day lives. 

Compostable bags. We have used these in the past. Apart from being roughly twice the price as the usual packaging, they also (arguably) ideally need to be composted in industrial compost facilities. 

Paper bags. Although an effective option, as with some recyclable bag versions, we believe these will not keep your coffee fresh, as it does not have an airtight seal or protect from sunlight. 

We will be watching this space very closely and will implement any changes to make our packaging the most eco-friendly on the market. Alongside our other environmental commitments including planting a tree for every order. 

Our packaging currently:

250g - fully recyclable, label 4

500g - currently not recyclable or be it very difficult

1kg - currently not recyclable or be it very difficult

If you are a manufacturer of quality, kerbside recyclable bags please get in touch asap :)


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