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Our Story

I always wanted to run my own business and truth be told never really knew what to do. Then one day a few years back (2012), it struck me on my tea break, or should I say coffee break? Why does office coffee taste so bad... At the time I figured it was probably something to do with the UHT milk in the vending machine, nice! After months went by, and a lot of umming, arhing and saving I finally bought my first coffee van.

After building up an initial round in the Thatcham/Newbury area, I quickly realised it wasn't just coffee my customers wanted but also hot food, sandwiches and snacks, after all, who doesn't love a sneaky snack at work ;) ? I then went on to purchase our second van in 2016 adding a lot more value to our business and customers. I, suddenly turned to we. Having grown to covering much of West Berkshire and parts of Hampshire, we also began attending events and local markets at weekends. 

From this, and along the way discovering the ins and outs of the coffee industry, coffee roasting had to be the next big thing for us. In 2017/18 we bought our first coffee roaster and after many days/weeks/months perfecting roasts and training we opened our online coffee shop!

Making your own coffee is a lot less complicated than many people think. You don’t need a chemistry degree, a refractometer, compass or a hipster beard to make yourself a great cup of coffee.  

Let's make great coffee, easy!

P.S. you may have come across Berite, our resident Labrador, full of beans - fortunately not the coffee kind! Providing inspiration and heeps of enthusiasm! As if we need any more with all this coffee?? 

Thank you for reading and look forward to serving you soon. 

Alex - Owner of West Berkshire Roastery

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