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Coffee Brew Guide & More

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Brewing Basics

Keep coffee as fresh as possible, it’s best to use whole beans and grind them before use. 


If you are using pre-ground coffee, store in an airtight container or in a cool dry place. When ordering be sure to select the correct grind for your brewing method. 

As different grinds, such as for filter coffee are coarser or finer for espresso and will change the resulting taste. 

Aim to use a water temperature of 91-94 degrees centigrade, this prevents the coffee from being over (too hot) or under extracted (too cold). Just leave the kettle to cool for a minute before pouring. 

If you can, filter your water before use, this can make it sweeter. But also makes your equipment last longer and not scale. 

The methods we will cover are:​

Cafetiere/French Press

V60 Dripper​


Stove/Moka Pot




Cafetiere’s come in a number of shapes, colours and sizes but are all essentially a pot/carafe with a plunger attached to the top and a mesh filter that keeps back the grounds. 

 1. Weigh & Grind

 Use a medium to coarse grind, roughly 20g per cup. 

 2. Grounds & Water

Pop the coffee grinds in the cafetiere, slowly add the boiling water ensuring the grinds are completely covered. 

3. Brew & Pour

Leave the coffee for around 3-5 minutes, longer if you like it stronger. Place the plunger onto the pot and slowly press down. If there is a lot of resistance, there may be too much coffee or it’s too finely ground. When fully pressed, pour into your favourite mug. 

Your lovely coffee is done. Enjoy!

Pour Over

V60 Dripper

One of the easiest methods for brewing coffee.

1. Weigh & Grind

Weigh out around 18 grams of medium coffee grounds per cup.

2. Place Filter

Place filter into the dripper and rinse with boiled water – helps improve the flavour. When this is done, add the coffee grounds and pour in 70ml – 100ml of the boiled water, in a circular motion (called blooming), ensuring all coffee is saturated. 

3. Brew & Enjoy

Allow the water to pass through the filter for around 30 seconds. After this add your water in 100ml doses with a 10 second gap between doses. Takes a little time but produces great coffee! 



1.  Boil & Prepare

Boil the kettle, and leave it to rest for a minute. Insert the plunger (the inner chamber of your Aeropress) into the outer tube, so the black seal is in line with the number 4. Stand it on end, so the 4 is closest to the table.

2. Add Coffee & Water

Add around 16 grams of medium to finely ground coffee and then pour your water up to the 1 mark.

3. Stir & Prepare Filter

Stir your coffee and set a timer for 1 minute, prepare your filter paper, by putting it in the filter holder and pouring hot water through to rinse it. Then screw onto the Aeropress.

 4. Brew & Pour

Once the minute has passed, place your mug upside down on top and carefully flip the whole stack. 

Carefully push the inner chamber down to brew your coffee. Enjoy! 

Oh did we mention the makers of Frisbee invented the Aeropress?

Moka Pot

Moka pot

1. Fill & Add Grinds

Begin by filling the chamber with cold water (up to the valve or filling point), pop the filter in, then add the ground coffee, around 20-24g

2. Screw & Tamp

Keeping the bottom chamber level, screw the top chamber onto the bottom one. 

3. Add Heat & Enjoy

Add heat to the base of the Moka Pot, soon as it starts to bubble and hiss it should be ready. Give it a quick stir and pour into your favourite mug.​



Use the following recipe for cafe quality coffee at home. 

1. Fill your portafilter basket to the top with Signature Gold Coffee - this will be around 14-20g, depending on your machine. 

2. Using a tamper, apply even pressure to the coffee grounds - don’t push too hard, just ensure it’s level.

3. Place your portafilter into the espresso machine’s group head.

4. Start the water flowing by pushing the button, or switching on your espresso machine. 

5. The water should pour like runny honey from a spoon, turning from dark brown to a pale blonde colour and thinning while it does so - that’s when you should stop the water. This will be between 25 and 30 seconds, making 40-50ml of espresso. TOP TIP: If the coffee is flowing slowly, or not at all? Either use a little less coffee, if using pre-ground coffee, or use a coarser grind if you’re doing it yourself. Flowing too fast? Just do the opposite!


Many of our customers brew on Sage coffee machines!

Sage Espresso recipes from our customers:

17 - 18g of ground coffee brewed for 38g espresso. Over 26 seconds. Dial 7 on the Sage Barista Express - Thank you Marcus!

20 - 22g of ground coffee brewed for 40g espresso - Thank you Jimmy!



French Press/Cafetiere

1) Add 2 heaped table spoons (20g) of ground coffee to a French Press/Cafetiere

2) Add 170ml (60z) of just off boiling water.

3) Leave to brew for 3-4 minutes, stirring occasionally. 

4) Slowly press the plunger and serve in your favourite mug. 

Pour Over/V60

1) Add 2 heaped table spoons (20g) of ground coffee to a Pour Over/V60.

2) Pour over enough water to cover the grounds (around 50ml of 170ml total) and leave for around 20 seconds. 

3) Slowly pour the rest of the hot water in a circular motion to cover all the grounds. 

4) After 4 minutes, it should be fully drained and ready to serve.

Espresso Machine 

1) Start with 18g of espresso ground coffee in your portafilter 

2) Brew for roughly 28 seconds

3) Target end weight of espresso should be around 35grams.

As with everything in coffee always experiment as taste and equipment can vary widely. 

Happy Brewing.

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