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Coffee Beans

How Many Coffee Beans Per Cup?

If you're on a fact finding mission or interested in the coffee to numbers game. We can help!
Let's start off with, how many coffee beans are in your daily brew?
Not such a straight forward question as it seems. The industry standard for a single espresso is 7grams of coffee beans, which is around 55 coffee beans and a double espresso is around 14grams and of course around 110 coffee beans! (This of course can change due to many factors such as wastage).
Usually coffee is purchased in the following sized packets - 250grams, 500grams and 1kg.
We are going to stick with using a double shot for our coffees.
With this in mind you can expect the following calculations:
1kg - around 60-70 cups (120-140 single shot coffees)
500g - around 35 cups (70-80 single shot coffees)
250g - around 17 cups (35 single shot coffees)
Did you know coffee loses around 20% weight during roasting? If we pop in 1kg of green coffee into our roaster, we would expect the end result to weigh around 800grams, much of this weight is lost due to evaporation.
So on average (combining single and double shots) we could expect around 100 coffees from 1kg bag.
We hope you have enjoyed this quick article and feel free to leave a comment or suggest further posts!
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