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How to make strong coffee in your French Press

How to make strong coffee in your French Press:

The French Press or Cafetière style of brewing is very common. Understandably so, it's inexpensive, quick and makes a delicious cup. 

Let's get down to the detail, how to make a strong coffee in your French press or Cafetière. First of all, start with our gymBrew coffee blend! The following the below steps:

1. Weigh & Grind

 Use a medium to coarse grind, roughly 22g per cup. 

 2. Grounds & Water

Pop the coffee grinds in the cafetiere, slowly add the boiling water ensuring the grinds are completely covered. Use 170ml of water per cup. 

3. Brew & Pour

Leave the coffee for around 5 minutes, longer if you like it even stronger. Place the plunger onto the pot and slowly press down. If there is a lot of resistance, there may be too much coffee or it’s too finely ground. When fully pressed, pour into your favourite mug. 

Easy - your lovely strong coffee is done. Enjoy!

"gymBrew is the best strong black coffee on the market."

How to make strong coffee that's not bitter?

Simple - make sure you use our gymBrew blend! This is designed to be a strong coffee without the bitterness!

Is strong coffee bad for you?

It's recommended a typical healthy adult can consume up to around 400 milligrams (mg) per day, that's around 4 brewed coffees a day or roughly 2 to 3 gymBrew's. Keep in mind caffeine contents varies depending on brew method etc so never consume too much and seek medical advice if you are concerned. This is just recommended as a guide. 

What's the best strong black coffee?

Of course, you've guessed it! gymBrew is designed to go with milk and works amazingly when consumed black. This is a low acidity coffee, with notes of chocolate and peanut. We reckon it's the best strong black coffee on the market. 

Check out gymBrew here. Oh and its Free Next Day delivery when ordered before 1pm!



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