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#1 Speciality Coffee

#1 Speciality Coffee

Love coffee? Love knowing where it comes from?

Choose our Speciality Brazilian coffee from Fazenda Bom Jesus.

This coffee has been selected for not only it's great flavours - notably Praline and Walnut, but also for it's Rainforest Alliance Certification alongside the farms fantastic sustainability and ethical practices. The farm itself is a little over 140 acres of beautiful flora and fauna. 

Grown at around 1100 masl (metres above sea level) in the Alta Mogiana Region in Brazil near Sao Paulo, the farm has excellent transport links, which is extremely important in the processing of coffee as this helps prevent any spoiling of the coffee. 

Speciality Coffee Association score of 85. So what does this mean? Anything with a score above 80, is regarded as an excellent cup and worthy of "speciality" status. 

Naturally processed over 30 days, this is where the coffee is rested and dried in the sun before removing the husks. The natural process results in a pleasing sweet cup. Note the variety of this coffee is Yellow Catuai which also boasts sweet characteristics. 

We have worked personally with the owners of the farm, allowing us to build a friendly, productive relationship which we very much enjoy! After all, that's what coffee is all about!

Check out this coffee here:

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