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The Rare Delightful Bourbon Coffee Varietal

The Uncommon Yet Delightful Bourbon Coffee Varietal
When it comes to coffee, most of us know the basic types such as Arabica and Robusta. However, there are several lesser-known varieties of coffee beans that also produce incredibly unique and delicious coffee. One of these varieties is Bourbon coffee.

Origins of Bourbon Coffee
Bourbon coffee originated on the Bourbon Island (now known as Reunion Island) in the Indian Ocean in the early 1700s. This variety is actually a natural mutation of the traditional Typica coffee plant that was introduced to the island. Today, Bourbon coffee is also grown in multiple regions throughout the world, including Central and South America and Africa.

Characteristics of Bourbon Coffee
Bourbon beans are known for their outstanding sweetness and smoothness. They are low in acidity and have a full-body flavour that is often described as fruity and chocolatey. The beans themselves are small and round, with a crease running down the center.

Growing Bourbon Coffee
Bourbon coffee plants do best in high altitudes of between 3,500 and 6,000 feet. They also require plenty of sunshine, moderate rainfall, and proper drainage. Bourbon coffee is often grown under shade trees such as banana or avocado trees, which improves the complexity of its flavors.

The Bourbon Roasting Process
To bring out the best flavours in Bourbon coffee, it must be roasted correctly. Generally, medium to medium-dark roasts are ideal for this variety. The end result is a deliciously smooth and sweet cup of coffee that is perfect for enjoying both black and with added creamer or sugar.

While Bourbon coffee may not be as well-known as other varieties, it certainly deserves attention for its unique and delightful taste. Its sweet and smooth flavour makes it stand out from the more common coffee varieties and definitely not one to miss.

So next time you’re on the lookout for something more interesting to add to your coffee cup, try Bourbon coffee for a delightful and unique experience. After all, life is too short to drink boring coffee.
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