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Notes of Biscuit, Vanilla & Hazelnut

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Great Taste Award Winner - Simmer Down Decaf: Our Decaf Coffee is a massive hit with our customers. We are very proud of our this coffee and it is given the same special treatment as the rest of our coffees. **Limited supply**

Sourced from Peru, producing a full-body that cuts through milk combined with great sweetness - no need for additional sugar.

Decaffeinated coffee causes such a debate in the coffee world with many customers believing that it’s pointless, drinking a coffee without caffeine. As a result it is often deemed a sub-standard coffee. Let's challenge this!

“Delicious decaf, one of my favourite ones on the market, I’ll certainly be buying again”.

  • Small batch roasted to order for maximum freshness 
  • 100% natural, high quality coffee beans
  • Fast delivery via Royal Mail, shipped same day (orders before 11.30am)
  • 1kg Resealable bags to stay fresher for longer 

What you need to know:

  • Smooth body with notes of biscuit, vanilla and hazelnut. CO2 chemical free decaf process, virtually caffeiene free. (99.9 percent)
  • Great Taste judges comments - "A dark shiny roast that delivered a rich crema. With milk, it becomes a vanilla fudge: soft, round, full of malt and with a pleasingly long finish. No one would guess this was a decaf." 

Origin: Satipo, Peru

Estate: Cooperative Kaffee Satipo

Varietal: Pache, Catuai, Caturra

Processing: Wet processed - CO2 Decaffeination Process (chemical free)  

Tasting Notes: Medium Bodied, notes of biscuit, vanilla and hazelnut 

100% Arabica

Check out our brew guide for the perfect coffee, your way.

Best kept in cool dry environment.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

What strength is the coffee?

We advise this coffee to be a strength of 3.5 out of 5. Punchy but not over powering. 

Are the beans oily? 

No, these beans are not oily, if you have particularly sensitive machine/equipment, these beans should be perfect. 

Where to store the coffee?

We recommend storing the coffee in a cool, dark, dry cupboard, before you open them. Once opened, reseal the bag and they can be safely stored in the packaging, and we recommend to consume them within 4 weeks of opening.

How many coffees do the bags serve?

250g - serves 13-15 coffees. 500g - serves 26-30 coffees. 1kg - serves 55-65 coffees. We recommend one kilo bag to serve 2 coffees a day, to last a month.

What's the best before date?

All our coffees are roasted to order, meaning they couldn't be fresher. We advise a best before date of 6 months from the order date. 

Why plant trees?

  1. Restoring animals’ habitats, which, in turn helps increase biodiversity by giving endemic species the chance to thrive
  2. Removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by putting it back into the plants and soil, and therefore helping to reduce global warming
  3. Cleaning the air by removing pollutant gases such as nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and ozone by trapping these gases in their leaves and bark 
  4. Restoring local ecosystems that have been destroyed by deforestation or other external factors
  5. Reducing the impact of flooding and soil erosion, which helps to protect nearby communities and their livelihoods 
  6. Providing an income for tree planters in lower income countries.

Brewing espresso is a lot like brewing tea; if we leave our bag in too long we risk over-brewing the tea and extracting “stewed” bitter flavours from the leaves but if we do not leave it long enough our tea risks being weak and insipid. This means we must exert control over our brewing process to ensure that we extract all of the desirable flavour compounds whilst leaving behind the compounds responsible for unwelcome bitterness and astringency. This is easy with a teabag – we can take it out whenever we choose – but achieving the same control with espresso is slightly more complex.

Coffee does not extract homogenously during its brewing cycle. Most extraction occurs during the first third of its brew time. Typically fruit acids and bean fragments that contribute towards body extract first, followed by sugars, and then bitter compounds.


Understanding your grinder is the key to achieving desirable DOSE and BREW TIME. Whether you are using a modern “on-demand” grinder or a more traditional “dosing grinder” you should be able to control both DOSE and GRIND TEXTURE, both of which are critical to brewing balanced espresso. Here’s how...

Using scales, weigh a consistent dose of ground coffee into your double espresso basket -16g - 18g is a sensible choice for most espresso machines.

Aim for 36-40g of liquid espresso (single espresso) or roughly a ratio of 1:2 (18g of ground espresso to 36g of liquid espresso). 

Is it within your target brew time window? We recommend 20 - 30 Seconds.


Your espresso is probably well brewed and should taste full, sweet and balanced.

No = If you haven't extracted 30-40ml of liquid espresso, in 20-30 seconds, your grind is too FINE and your espresso will most likely taste thin, bitter & ashy.

Coarsen your grind slightly then grind and discard at least 20g of coffee to remove traces of the previous grind setting

No = If you have extracted too much liquid espresso (over 30ml for single espresso, over 60ml for double). Your grind is too COARSE and your espresso will most likely be weak and sour.

Make your grind slightly FINER then grind and discard at least 20g of coffee to remove all traces of the previous grind setting

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
S-Y Park (Ashford, GB)
Blind testing challenge

I bet you cannot guess these are decaf.
Smell and taste lovely. Will be ordering more!!

Andrew (Pontypridd, GB)
Fantastic Coffee

My wife is very fussy when it comes to her coffee and having gone through many "trials", Simmer Down really hits the spot, in a word Smooth

Sylvie M. (Potton, GB)


Oliver Strawbridge (High Wycombe, GB)
Good decaf, but....

Simmer Down is one of the best decafs I've had, though it still doesn't quite match the depth of flavour of WBR's caffeinated alternatives

Jack Holloway (Southport, GB)
Lovely decaf

Loving this so far, great for a late evening drink in my aeropress

Tracey Brooks (Cambridge, GB)
One of the best coffees we’ve tasted .

A rich, full bodied, smooth coffee without any hints of bitterness.
Really worth trying , you won’t be disappointed.

Alan Roderick (Hampton Wick, GB)
Smooth and enjoyable

I am always wary of decaf coffees but with a (relatively) new espresso machine I decided to try again. Simmer Down has been a pleasant surprise. It has always produced a smooth, chocolate tasting coffee (your palate may vary) that was enjoyable even when dialling in the first couple of shots. Will be ordering again as it is a nice early afternoon drink.

Niche setting 12.5. 16g in and 34g out over 35 secs including 6 sec pre-infusion. 92C


Andrew Cregan (Inverness, GB)
Great decaf

I don’t usually drink decaf, but wanted a coffee that I could enjoy later in the day. A review on here highly recommended the Simmer Down, and I decided to give it a shot! It is great, and impossible to tell it is actually decaf. I’ll be ordering more, and a larger bag.

Lovely flavoursome decaf

Really tasty brew. You really don't know there's no caffeine in it. Recommended.

Andy Sexton (London, GB)
Amazing Flavour for Decaf

Colombia Swiss Water Decaf is my evening coffee of choice. Purchasing the beans enables me to grind it to espresso size and I then enjoy it in my coffee machine. Aside from the awesome flavour and aroma I love that it is decaffeinated and I am not kept awake all night. I highly recommend this coffee.

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