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Our 100% Compostable Coffee Bags

We use one of the first truly compostable bags available.
The True Bio Bag is a bag made from biodegradable materials, with all major layers certified as biodegradable under EU EN13432 standards, which is the strictest standard in existence.
Bag composition, The technical part:
The outside layer is brown, unbleached kraft paper layer, which makes up approximately 44% of the bag material used. The kraft used is Japanese and is of excellent quality, attractive visual appearance and with strong consistency in quality from batch to batch.
The center layer of the bag provides the barrier, which has an oxygen transmission rate comparable to many barriers used today, and befitting water vapor barrier properties. This layer is made from wood pulp and coated with a very fine layer of aluminum. This layer as a whole is certified biodegradable according to the EU EN13432 standards, and makes up approximately 14% of the bag.
The inner layer provides the heat seal ability, and for this we use a European-made bioplastic, which is also certified as biodegradable after EU EN 13432 standards. This bio layer heat seals as well as any standard non-biodegradable plastic used as heat sealing layer in use today. This layer would make up some 40% of the bag, based on bag thickness.
We have opted for the one-way freshness valve to the bag, which vents any CO2 emitted by freshly roasted coffee beans. This valve is made from the same bio-plastic as used in the heat sealing layer. The functional stability of this valve is similar to any non-biodegradable valve available today.
Also, in our stand up pouches we have added a zipper. This zipper is also made from a bioplastic, which is certified biodegradable according to the EU EN13432 standard.
In between the outer layer, the center barrier layer, and the heat sealing inner layer, we use a German-made water-based adhesive to hold the layers together. This adhesive offers approximately the same strength as any traditional adhesive in use today for similar bag types.
What makes the True Bio Bag different?
1. Unlike other so-called recyclable bags, we use materials made to biodegrade under the right conditions in 90 days. Unlike other claimed biodegradable bags which are only 40% of the product will degrade over a period of 5-10 years!
2. Unlike other biodegradable bags, our bag actually protects your coffee. PLA-lined bags might be heat sealable, however they have no barrier protecting the coffee.
3. Our bag is the only stock bag sold in the EU bag made from biodegradable materials with a biodegradable valve, which will allow the CO2 to vent.
4. Unlike any traditional bag, which protects the coffee very well, our bag offers a similar level of protection, while being vastly more environmentally friendly.
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