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Top Tips for buying coffee beans online

Top Tips for buying coffee beans online

When it comes to buying coffee beans online there are a few simple tips to follow to ensure you end up with perfect taste. There is nothing worse than when you wake up and brew up a fresh batch of beans, take a sip and are thoroughly disappointed. When the flavour and the description don’t match, your morning brew can take an annoying turn. 

That's why we here at West Berkshire Roastery are here to help, with our top tips for buying coffee beans online, not just from us. Since we started in 2010, we like to think we have managed our online sales as well as our roasting craft. With a lot of trial and error, we think we’re in the perfect place to advise, so you never have to have a disappointing coffee again. To us, there is nothing worse than a bad coffee.

Coffee Bean Grind

Wherever you are buying your beans, if they are specialists they should offer a variety of grinds. Whole coffee beans will stay the freshest and provide the best coffee when ground just prior to brewing but many customers simply cannot grind their own coffee. We recommend looking for a drip grind, a French press grind and an Espresso grind so that you can get the perfect grind for your brewing method. This is also a great bonus if you intend to try a lot of different coffee bean varieties in the future, it will be easier to have one location to purchase everything from.


Shipping the coffee beans to you is a delicate form. Ensuring that your supplier chooses the right packaging helps keep the beans fresh, as you know a higher temperature or wrong can alter the flavour, which changes the beans you thought you were buying. The best packaging is a vacuum sealed container that has a one-way valve, to avoid the beans from absorbing outside . Ideally, the online coffee bean store will roast the coffee beans for your order after you have placed the order, the less time they are in the package to your door, the better.

Shipping times are also crucial

As it is crucial to consume fresh roasted coffee beans within 3 or so weeks of roasting, shipping times are important for most coffee bean customers.

Check the Prices

One of the best things about an online coffee bean store is that it is extremely easy and efficient to compare prices. Most stores offer similar packaging with similar types of coffee beans. You may not want to choose the cheapest coffee bean store, because as the saying goes, you usually get what you pay for. But by comparison shopping you can avoid paying way too much for your coffee bean order.

Here at West Bershire Roastery we work on all orders in the order that we receive them. Normally we dispatch parcels either the same or next working day. We’ve selected the best packing we can find. Our goal is to find coffee bags that are fully recyclable via your regular kerbside collections in 250g, 500g and 1kg sizes, with a one-way valve and zip close (in appealing shapes). Whilst not impacting on the flavour & freshness of our coffee.

If you have any questions on our coffee, packaging and shipping please do it get in touch - we’ll be more than happy help.
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