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Industry Latest

Industry Latest

What the Buck, industry latest. Here's our quick round up:

- Lavazza **shudders** commission three latest generation roasters from Brambati group. These guys aren't bucking around... Lavazza produce 30 tonnes of coffee every hour, 24/7!! Or in other words, nearly as much as West Berkshire Roastery ;)

- Study reveals drinking up to 3 cups of freshly brewed coffee a day helps you live longer?! A decade-long survey of over half a million Britons by Biobank found those who consumed three cups a day were 12 per cent less likely to die than non-drinkers.

They were 17 per cent less likely to die of heart disease and 21 per cent less likely to die of stroke, the study found.

However, the health benefits did not apply for instant coffee drinkers or for those who drink more than three cups a day. DO WE NEED TO GIVE YOU ANY MORE EXCUSES to drink coffee (or up to 3 cups)?

- Coffee prices are still rising sharply. Not great news, Brazil coffee production 2021/22 remains a whopping 24.4% lower than in 2020! 

This is largely driven by severe droughts followed by frosts earlier in the year. Brazil is the World's largest coffee producer and as a result of falling production, has put more demand and pressure on the coffee supply chain from other countries, therefore increasing prices. Furthermore, the cost of distributing the coffee has increased, with the price of container shipping increasing by more than 4 times! 

- WBR NEWS - Our latest 250g coffee bags have landed, 1kg versions on the way! These will be fully resealable for freshness and fully recyclable (label 4), check with your local council for kerbside recycling. 

Coffee Fact:

Coffee Beans Are Technically Seeds.

They're the pits of the cherry-like berries found on the flowering shrubs, but we call them "beans" because of the resemblance to legumes.

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