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We buck the trend: Our Packaging.

We've been bucking the trend since 2010. Here's our latest and possibly greatest innovation to date. Meet the coffee in a can! We're the first craft coffee roaster in the UK to produce label less, digitally printed cans. Infinitely recyclable & manufactured in Europe, it's the future of coffee packaging. Here's why:

  • They’re accepted in all domestic curbside recycling collections in the UK.
  • Recycling aluminium uses 95% less energy than producing aluminium from raw material.
  • Aluminium cans contain an average of 73% recycled material.
  • They provide an air-tight and UV-free environment for our roasted coffee meaning your coffee stays much fresher and for longer. 
  • Over 82% were recycled in the UK in 2021 - that’s a higher recycling rate than paper.
  • Produced in UK and Europe, not shipped thousands of miles. 
  • Perfect size to pop the beans straight in your bean hopper. 
The UK as a nation consume around 104 million cups of coffee every day. With all that coffee comes a lot of waste in terms of packaging.
To make conventional packaging more recyclable the plastic seal needs to be removed otherwise the package is not fully recyclable and will go to landfill.
Providing coffee beans in drinks cans can solve this problem. 
Drinks cans are the world's most recycled object with over 80% recycled in the UK.
In addition, the coffee is kept fresher because it's in an airtight container. This means it doesn't let the air in so it doesn't degrade and the coffee is 100% UV protected too. Some packaging can let in light.
The re-usable plastic cap is also recyclable and can be used again.
If you like the idea of fabulous tasting coffee in a fully recyclable container which keeps your coffee fresh why not give us a try.
Contact for more information.
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