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What is Honey Processed Coffee? Quick Guide.

What is Honey Processed Coffee? Quick Guide.

Honey Processed Coffee

Honey processed coffee? That sounds weird?
No it’s not really, it just means that the skins and pulps of the coffee cherries are removed (to be different degrees) but not washed off, leaving the sticky, sweet outer layer of the fruit, looking like the consistency of honey.

Is it better than normal coffee?
No, not better but typically sweeter and will depend on the coffee drinkers preference in taste. The flavour profile can include notes of chocolate and brown sugar. Honey processed coffee goes very well with cakes pastries and scones so could fit in well in your Cafe.

Why are honey processed coffees different colours?
The light, and drying time the beans are exposed for are what will differentiate the different colours and tastes.
The white and yellow honeys have less of the thick gluey mucilage of the bean left on them.

The gold red and black have more mucilage substance remaining leading to a fuller bodied coffee.
The gold colour beans are dried during warm sunny days and the darker honeys dried for longer under more shade.

Please contact us for a sample or more information as to what honey processed coffee might suit you and your business.
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